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E9 Lap Steel Guitar – Demo

E9 tuning, Lap Steel Guitar – Demo

I’ve been experimenting with E9 tuning on lap steel lately. It’s an easy re-tune from C6 tuning. It’s the same as strings 4 through 9 of E9 pedal steel guitar. There are a lot of pedal steel sounds in this tuning, especially with slants. Here’s a quick demo, video and tab. The tab is for the first half of the video. The second half is basically the same, same chord positions, slightly different picking patterns. Enjoy.

(low to high) D E F# G# B E


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Will the Circle Be Unbroken – EZ C6 lap steel guitar

Will the Circle Be Unbroken – EZ C6 lap steel guitar

Here’s an easy arrangement of an old classic. The audio is just the lap steel played to a click track and rhythm guitar. It’s a little rough, but you get the basic idea! Enjoy


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WillTheCircleBeUnbroken_1 WillTheCircleBeUnbroken_2




Backing Track:


Scarborough Fair – EZ C6 lap steel guitar

Scarborough Fair – EZ C6 lap steel guitar

Here’s an easy version of Scarborough Fair in the key of Am. 3/4 time. Much of it is played using the open strings. When an open string and a “barred” string are played together you need to lift the rear of the bar up to allow the open string to be heard and touch the nose of the bar to the other string. Tip the bar up and use the nose only. That happens in measures 3, 6, 11, 15, 16. No audio for this one. I think you know this tune. Enjoy


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Scarborough Fair


Akaka Falls – C6 lap steel guitar

AKAKA FALLS – C6 lap steel guitar – audio & tablature

This is a pretty Hawaiian tune in 3/4 time. I’m playing a 1940s Gibson Century 6 on the recording. Enjoy.




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AkakaFalls111  AkakaFalls222  AkakaFalls333

Practice Track: