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60 POPULAR MELODIES for E9 pedal steel guitar – song book

01-All I Have to Do is Dream

02-Amazing Grace

03-America the Beautiful

04-Are You Lonesome Tonight?

05-As Time Goes By

06-Auld Lang Syne

07-Autumn Leaves

08-Away in a Manger

09-Blue Skies

10-Brahm’s Lullaby

11-Can’t Help Falling in Love

12-Cold Cold Heart


14-Crazy Arms

15-Cryin’ Time

16-Daddy’s Little Girl

17-Danny Boy

18-Faded Love


20-God Rest You Merry Gentlemen


22-Harbor Lights

23-Hey Good Lookin’

24-House of the Rising Sun

25-I Fall to Pieces

26-I’ll Be Home For Christmas

27-I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

28-Indian Love Call

29-It’s Now or Never

30-Joy to the World

31-Let It Be Me

32-Love Me Tender

33-Mansion on the Hill


35-Moon River

36-Moonlight in Vermont

37-O Little Town of Bethlehem

38-Over the Rainbow

39-San Antonio Rose

40-Send Me the Pillow You Dream On

41-September Song

42-Silent Night

43-Silver Bells


45-Someone to Watch Over Me



48-Sweet Dreams

49-Take These Chains From My Heart


51-Tennessee Waltz

52-The First Noel

53-The Star Spangled Banner

54-Unchained Melody

55-Walking After Midnight

56-Wedding March (Here Comes the Bride)

57-When You Wish Upon a Star

58-White Christmas

59-Winter Wonderland






Island Swing – B11 tuning

Here’s a short clip I made a while back featuring  B11 tuning.



C6 Practice Session

Here’s a short clip I recently recorded featuring hammer-ons and pull-offs. The tuning is C6 w/high G. Pay no attention to that dangling headphone wire! 😉


E9 tuning, Lap Steel Guitar – Demo

I’ve been experimenting with E9 tuning on lap steel lately. It’s an easy re-tune from C6 tuning. It’s the same as strings 4 through 9 of E9 pedal steel guitar. There are a lot of pedal steel sounds in this tuning, especially with slants. Here’s a quick demo, video and tab. The tab is for the first half of the video. The second half is basically the same, same chord positions, slightly different picking patterns. Enjoy.

(low to high) D E F# G# B E


click on the image to enlarge:

 MOONTIDE – Video & Tablature

This is an original tune I recently composed for B11 tuning. Hope you like it!

B11 tuning:


Attention C6 players: B11 is an easy re-tune from C6 tuning. Just tune your C up to C# and drop strings 4, 5, 6 a half-step each.

The tablature: When four strings are played together, strum the bottom three strings in the voicing with the thumb and pick the top string in the voicing with a finger at the same time. That makes the high note (the melody) stand out. Notice in measure two that the bar is on fret 1 covering strings 2, 3, 4 and string 1 is played open. Enjoy!

Click on the images to enlarge:


Practice Track:

Country String Pulls

I’ve been experimenting with tunings and string pulls lately. Looking for Country twang sounds. Here’s what I came up with.

Cadd9 tuning

1  D
2  C
3  G
4  E
5  D
6  C


Powerglide – E9 pedal steel guitar – speedpicking

Here’s an original tune of mine that features an interesting speedpicking run – see the tablature below. It uses pedals A & B and the knee lever that lowers string 2 from D# to D. I call it the E lever in the tablature. The main pattern is a banjo-style roll, similar to those played by the late Jimmie Crawford and others. Enjoy.



click on the image to enlarge:



Backing Track, key of C:


Slower Backing Track, key of C.  20% slower

Chord Practice – E9 pedal steel & C6 lap steel guitar

This is a basic chord exercise that I give to my students. There is a chord chart and an Audio track to play along with. The audio plays the chords three times through.


4 beats per measure. Click on the image to enlarge:



AUDIO: Practice Track 2:


E9 Pedal Steel Guitar – chord positions:

The chart below shows the same chords and the chord positions on E9 pedal steel guitar. The number above the chord is the FRET you place your bar on to play that chord. The A, B indicates Pedals A, B, standard E9 tuning. Pick any combination of strings 3,4,5,6,8,10 to play the chords.


click on the image to enlarge:




C6 Lap Steel Guitar – chord positions

The chart below shows the same chords and the chord positions on C6 lap steel guitar. The number above the chord is the FRET you place your bar on to play that chord. Keep in mind… to play a major chord on the fret indicated omit the A string. To play a minor  chord on the fret indicated omit the G string.


click on the image to enlarge:



The track is also handy for practicing the major scale (G major) and the harmonized scale, and licks, etc. Enjoy

Scarborough Fair – EZ C6 lap steel guitar

Here’s an easy version of Scarborough Fair in the key of Am. 3/4 time. Much of it is played using the open strings. When an open string and a “barred” string are played together you need to lift the rear of the bar up to allow the open string to be heard and touch the nose of the bar to the other string. Tip the bar up and use the nose only. That happens in measures 3, 6, 11, 15, 16. No audio for this one. I think you know this tune. Enjoy


click on image to enlarge:

Scarborough Fair